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Mission and Vision

Roosevelt Care Center is a unique, community-based, public resource for health care services.  Owned and operated by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, our mission is to create comprehensive continuums for personalized care designed to rehabilitate and maximize physical function, to ease pain, to slow the progression of debilitating conditions and disease and to maximize each individual’s quality of life, satisfaction and independence.

Dedicated to meeting the increasingly diverse care needs of Middlesex County and its residents, we embrace our heritage of community service and will vigorously pursue programs of excellence that promote opportunity and access.  These programs will go forward with state of the art facilities, highly trained staff, and innovative approaches in service delivery and management.  We accept the challenge of forging strong professional relationships that reflect our values, foster fiscal responsibility and yield progressive, sophisticated solutions to public health issues.

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Roosevelt Care Center at Edison | 118 Parsonage Road | Edison, New Jersey 08837 | Phone: 732-321-6800
Roosevelt Care Center at Old Bridge | 1133 Marlboro Road | Old Bridge, New Jersey 08857  |  Phone: 732-360-9830

Roosevelt Care Center is operated by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority